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Your baby will spend a lot of their time sleeping.  Knowing how and why to sleep your baby safely is so important.


Soteria Safe Sleeping Advice believes all children have the right to a safe sleeping environment.

However, we realise not all families have access to safe sleeping information because of many barriers – distance, finance, personal circumstance – which is why, in partnership with River’s Gift, a charity committed to funding research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and safe sleep education, we have developed a series of webinars focussing on ensuring the latest evidence-based information is delivered to all caregivers. 

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, babysitter, childcare educator or anyone caring for a baby, this series of webinars has a wealth of information to help you understand Safe Sleeping and what is a safe product; what is safe practice; what is a safe sleep place.

To gain the most from our these topic sessions, we strongly recommend you complete our free Introductory Session so you understand the principles of Safe Sleeping

Free Introduction to Sleeping your baby Safely

Product Safety - $15

Join our infant safe sleep expert, Jill Green, as she explains how to reduce risk factors associated with infant sleep related accidents, by providing up to date evidence-based safe sleeping information.


Our 30-minute session covers the principles of Safe Sleeping and touches on what is a safe product; what is safe practice; what is a safe sleep place.

All our sessions are suited to everyone – expectant parents, parents of newborns, grandparents, friends and child carers and are designed to give you confidence in how to sleep your baby.


Following Soteria’s presentation, there is a short Q&A to answer your questions.

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Parents only want the best for their baby and might assume that everything available for infants must be safe; otherwise it wouldn’t be on the market, right? Unfortunately, not right…

Let’s make it simple, safe and save you money…


You will have learnt that not all nursery products sold in Australia are safe for your baby and Tthis session is designed to give you the tools to assess "is this the right product for me or my baby?" 


We will show you what questions to ask when considering a product, whether this is new or second-hand – e.g. Do all products sold in Australia have to comply with safety standards? How will I be using this product? and more…


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Myths & Marketing - $15

Sleep bags, wraps  or swaddles? - $15

With the excitement of having a new baby or one on the way, you may be bombarded with lots of advice – from delighted grandparents, friends, even strangers – all well-meaning but not necessarily well-informed.

Join us to understand the facts and why safe sleeping recommendations are so important.

Since the introduction of the Safe Sleeping health promotion three decades ago, a lot has changed – years of research has identified that eliminating certain risk factors can reduce infant sleep accidents and death.  It has also highlighted that claims made by manufacturers are not always accurate so it can be difficult to know what is true, or just clever marketing.

Keeping your baby safe is what every parent’s wants, so let us show you what is hype and what is evidence-based fact.

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From swaddles, blankets and sleep bags to bedding and accessories and everything in between, there are so many gorgeous products from which to choose – what is safe, what the risks might be, how do I know what’s right for my baby?

This session focusses on helping you unwrap the benefits and risks of the many different choices of swaddles, bedding and sleeping accessories out there in the market.

What is safe bedding for your baby, what can you put in baby’s sleep place, what temperature should your nursery be, what is a TOG – and how important is that? 

Explore these and more to give you the information and confidence to set up a safe place for your baby to sleep.

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