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Safe Practice

Our mission is that every child has a right to a safe sleeping environment.

It is now more than three decades since research into causes of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI), which includes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and fatal sleeping accidents, began to uncover the risk factors of infant deaths while sleeping.

Although no single factor has been linked to SIDS, what the research has shown us are changes to how we put baby to sleep can reduce the incidence of SIDS and other sleeping accidents dramatically.  In fact, since the introduction of the Red Nose Safe Sleeping public health campaign began in the early 1990s, deaths attributed to SIDS have dropped by over 85%.

An important facet of this has been ‘translating’ the scientific evidence into simple, clear Safe Sleeping messages parents and all caregivers can practise when placing baby to sleep.  During her time with Red Nose, Jill Green was instrumental in developing these into the safe sleeping guidelines with which the community is familiar.

Jill continues this valuable work with Soteria as we develop evidence-based resources which explain the principles underpinning Safe Sleeping recommendations.

Watch this space


Resources to help you practise Safe Sleeping are on their way. 

Meanwhile, visit our Blog for information on Safe Practice


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