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Safe Place

Our mission is that every child has a right to a safe sleeping environment.

With decades of research seeking to reduce infant deaths, an important factor has been found that where you sleep your baby plays a significant role in ensuring your baby sleeps safely.

So many nursery products are marketed as safe for baby to sleep, being able to reduce risk factors or offer baby comfort.  However, with little regulatory standards for nursery products in Australia, very often few products meet basic safety standards, and some do not comply with the AU/NZ standards that do apply.

In addition to products, ensuring where baby sleeps is a safe environment can be confusing.  Soteria is developing resources which will help caregivers identify the hazards that may be present in many settings where your baby might fall asleep and provide guidance on how to reduce those risks.

Watch this space


Resources to help you set up a Safe Sleep space are on their way. 

Meanwhile, visit our Blog for more on Safe Place


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