Safe sleeping for infants

and young children

Information & Education Sessions

In today's busy world, the childcare sector is growing quickly.  It is imperative that those who care for children have the necessary knowledge and skills in providing a Safe Sleeping environment, no matter whether you are a parent or childcare educator.  


Knowing the centre has a well-established Safe Sleeping framework offers a level of security and confidence to both parents and your staff. 


Childcare educators are in a unique position to educate parents and other carers of infants and can be powerful role models, providing parents with verbal information and printed resources. Being supported by scientific, evidence-based guidelines underpinning the attitudes and behaviours of child care educators, you can contribute persuasively to the decisions made by parents and other carers of infants, including grandparents.


Further to this, to support a consistent and national approach across Australia, policies and procedures about children's sleep and rest(1) must now be in place at each Early Childhood Education and Care Service from October 2017. Educators have a duty of care to ensure all infants and young children in their care are provided with "a high level of safety when sleeping and resting and every reasonable precaution is taken to protect them from harm and hazard". 


Our workshops and professional development provide early childhood education and care services with clear evidence-based information and guidelines, on how to create a Safe Sleeping environment and deliver Safe Sleeping practices for all infants and young children. We also provide clear direction to support the development and implementation of Safe Sleeping policies and procedures to guide educators in their practice.



Webinars June 2020

Introduction to Sleeping your baby Safely

Tuesday 07/07/2020 @  1.30pm

Tuesday 21/07/2020 @  7.30pm

Tuesday 18/08/2020 @ 1.30pm

Tuesday 01/09/2020 @ 7.30pm

Free session

Product Safety

Tuesday 14/07/2020 @  1.30pm

Tuesday 28/07/2020 @  7.30pm

Tuesday 25/08/2020 @ 1.30pm


Myths & Marketing

Tuesday 28/07/2020 @   1.30pm

Tuesday 11/08/2020 @   7.30pm


Sleep bags, wraps or swaddles

Tuesday 21/07/2020 @  1.30pm

Tuesday 04/08/2020 @  7.30pm

Tuesday 01/09/2020 @ 1.30pm