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Safe Policy

Our mission is that every child has a right to a safe sleeping environment.

You may wonder how Safe Policy might be important to you as a parent or caregiver. 

If you place your child in childcare, your Childcare Centre will have a Safe Sleep Policy which guides the way they care for your child.  Since 2017 as part of their accreditation process, each Centre must have a current policy which they should be incorporating into their Best Practice.  The policy will explain how the Centre will follow Safe Sleeping recommendations and provide a safe sleep space for your child.

As a parent, you should be provided with the opportunity have a copy of your Centre’s Safe Sleep Policy.

As a childcare educator, following your Centre’s Safe Sleep Policy will support the valuable work you do.

Watch this space


Resources to help you ensure your Centre's Safe Sleeping Policy can be incorporated in Safe Sleeping Best Practice are on their way. 


Meanwhile, visit our Blog for more on Safe Policy


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