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Soteria Safe Sleeping Advice’s newsletters highlight updates to scientifically evidence-based information on safe sleeping as well as nursery product safety alerts and other issues related to providing a safe sleeping environment for infants and young children.

See below for our most recent newsletters

Click here for our January 2020 (10) edition  Topics include Summer temperatures and children in vehicle and Covering prams with blankers. 


Click here for our October 2019 (9) edition  Topics include Unsafe products - showing parents why and As an educator/influencer, how you can counter unsafe practices

Click here for our May 2019 (8) edition  Topics include Slings and how to make an informed choice to use them.


Click here for our April 2019 (7) edition  Topics include Recalls of dangerous infant products and Tummy Time, the why, how and when.

Click here for our March 2019 (6) edition Topics include Soft toys and blankets in cots – potential comforter or hazard? What’s the Education and Care Services National Regulation 168 and what does it mean for your Centre – and you? Pregnancy, Babies & Children’s Expo – what a weekend!


Click here for our November 2018 (5) edition Topics include Never let babies sleep in a car capsule; How hot is too hot?? Is a box better?

Click here for our September 2018 (4) edition Topics include To tilt or not to tilt?; the dangers of using baby bean bags as bedding; Target recall of $10 two-way zip baby coveralls

Click here for our August 2018 (3) edition Topics include Injuries to infants under 1 from falling; prams and strollers can roll away into potentially hazardous situations; We have a Safe Sleep policy – Check ✔???

Click here for our July 2018 (2) edition Topics include Nursery Products – so many to choose from but just how safe are they? Choice checks out portacots

Click here for our July 2018 (1) edition Topics include Big W Portacot Recall




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