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• Click the check box next to  and click Continue. **If you previously installed X•over Pro:** Click (X•over Pro installer). The X•over Pro installer opens and starts the installation process. • Select the language you want to use for the installer. • Enter a name and click Continue. The installer prompts you to enter a system administrator account name and password and to verify that you own the computer on which X•over Pro will be installed. • Click Install. The X•over Pro installer installs X•over Pro on your computer. If you receive an error when you try to install X•over Pro, see the next subsection. If the error occurs while you install X•over Pro, try to update . See the instructions at the end of this subsection. **If you have not installed X•over Pro:** Click All Files. The X•over Pro installer starts the installation process. **If you receive an error when you try to install X•over Pro:** Close . Click the following options, one at a time, and then click OK: **Windows Update**, if it is installed. If you are prompted to restart your computer, do so now. **Check for Updates**, if it is installed. **Developer Tools**, if you want to install X•over Pro. **After X•over Pro installs, you must run the X•over Pro Setup program**, if the installation disc for X•over Pro was not in your disc drive. In the instructions for , click




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FULL X-Over 3 Pro With Seriall belltrys
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